Whether you're trying to make money or provide                                  for your next event.  We can help you.


Get your 808dots!

                  for events, retail, schools and catering.



Retail locations come in all shapes and sizes.  If you have a location that has high foot traffic, we are ready for your business.

  • Extra revenue with minimal effort.

  • We keep you stocked & maintain your freezers.

  • Easy equipment leasing.

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Schools & Institutions

Keiki love                            and we provide a healthy option for your institution.  Your profits could be used to help fund clubs and extra curricular activities.

  • We provide:

    • YoDots (Yogurt Dots) that are "Smart Snack" accepted under USDA School Nutritional guidelines.

    • A freezer is provided, stocked, rotated and maintained for you.

    • Dots are ready to eat out of the pouch.

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Catering & Fundraisers

Whether it's a graduation, birthday party, wedding or corporate event, we can help serve you.  


Looking for a way to let your staff know how much you appreciate them? There's no better way to say 'Mahalo' than with ice cream with our employee appreciation package. 

  • Prepackaged dots with the flavors of your choice.

  • We can provide a freezer or dry ice upon availability.

  • Spoons and swag available for your guest.

  • Drop off services for 'drive-by' special events during COVID.


Live Events

Do you need a portable dessert solution for your event? 

We can make it happen at fairs, festivals, sporting events & concerts.  

  • We can be there with:

    • Our vendable freezers.

    • A crew to scoop ice cream.

    • All utensils needed to serve.